“Creativity is a way of sharing your soul with the world.”

Brené Brown

A little bit about me!

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Kayla and I am a Canadian-born artist. While I specialize in watercolour and acrylic paintings, I have a passion for art in all forms which has been a constant since I was a young child. From painting to drawing to crafting — I love all forms of creativity and expression.

I was first introduced to watercolours over 15 years ago but wasn’t immediately hooked, and often preferred options that allowed thicker layers of paint, like acrylic. I’ve also done a lot of experimentation with other paints like oils, gouache, and acrylic ink.

While I have been painting and creating for most of my life, I truly reignited my love and passion for art when I started working at a social painting studio downtown Toronto for beginner painters. This opportunity allowed me to further hone my skills, specifically with acrylics, and created a network of like minded to learn, share and grow from.

My inspiration is drawn from so many things; our beautiful country and breathtaking landscapes, my family, friends and pets – but most importantly – I’m a big believer that you can find beauty and inspiration in the simplest of things, you just need to know where to look.

Today, my passion is still growing strong and I am continuing to learn, grow and evolve as an artist. Only a few short years ago that I had discovered my passion for watercolours, which led me to start creating pet and animal portraits for friends and family.

I now find I enjoy painting with watercolours the most as it calms me and teaches me to let go, as each piece requires patience.

To keep the spirit alive during the holiday season in 2020, I started painting pet ornaments on natural wooden pieces.

Apart from painting pets and teaching art lessons, I enjoy spending time outside, reading, taking photos for inspiration and spending time with every dog & cat that wants to say hello.

I would love to connect with you to paint a pet or landscape to capture your favourite memories!

KayBean xo